Spokane Dentist

When it comes to choosing a Spokane Dentist things can get tricky.  You want a dentist that is experienced but at the same time there are some really good young and upcoming dentists.  Having dental work done can be one of the most painful things you go through.  However this pain has a lot to do with the way the dentist conducts himself.  Mint Condition offers a painless refreshing approach to improving your smile.  Our skilled staff provides several services and are always here to answer any questions.


Implants:  Implants can be a great alternative to dentures.  Mint Condition challenges you to compare and tell the difference between implants and natural teeth.


Sedation:  The way our Sedation works, you won't realize you're even at the dentist.


Orthodontics:  With proper orthodontics your smile will get an unbelievable upgrade.  


So many people have a hard time believing it's possible for your natural teeth to last a lifetime.  With all the gum recession and dental implants it's easy to see how they come to this conclusion.  With proper care there is no reason why your teeth shouldn't last the duration of your life. Our Spokane Dental procedures will help you achieve this goal.  

Eating a good balanced diet goes further than your bodies health.  Your teeth depend on it. There are so many foods not only unhealthy for our bodies but also cause damage to our teeth.  Avoid sugary and acidic foods and drinks.